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place always makes me feel like a heart. The sun just turned over the horse's head wall and fell from the eaves of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Carton Of Cigarettes. The red lanterns of every household are lit up. A string of hawkers misplaces the candied haws. The location. At this time, a lotus lamp floated in the river, attracting men and women to stop and enjoy the lights, so that I have a feeling of crossing the ancient times. A person walks on a slate street, and at night, people are far less than during the day. The slate is slightly smooth and seems to be caused by the friction of the people during the day, perhaps because of the naughty years. The small bridges and flowing waters are the inherent characteristics of the ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River. If Zhouzhuang is a small bridge water merchant (Shen Wansan), Wuzhen is a small bridge hydrologist (contradictory), then I conclude that Xitang is a small bridge flowing water is not wrong Newport Cigarettes, there are many elderly people in the ancient town. When you walk into the ancient town of Xitang, you will find one or two elderly people sitting on small benches or wicker chairs in front of each household They may look at what they are looking at or look at the tourists. Occasionally nodded, even if no one greeted them, they were very kind and kind, like the grandmother who took the grandson in the village. Once I asked one of the old people sitting in the wicker chair about the orientation of the bathroom Marlboro Cigarettes. She almost stood up and grabbed my arm and gave me a finger. "Go straight along the river and pass the bridge." Turn left at the corner is ", I took a few steps back to see that the old man has not sat down, always looking at me, for fear that I can not find. I think, if I am a little hesitant, will the old man come straight and take me over? In addition to the elderly, there are many cats in Xitang. The cat is also the owner of Xitang. I don��t know how there are so many cats in Xitang, on the side of the bridge, on the roof, at the counter of the tea shop, in the chair of the bookstore. ����, wherever they are, this exposure seems to announce that they are the masters of Xitang. Tourists, just come to worship their pets, they are proud enough, I often go to a bookstore called the commemorative post Cigarettes For Sale. This small bookstore is also the place where most tourists send postcards. There are various books in the store, and there is a wall space for the postcards that tourists write and send, to friends, to lovers, to yourself and me. Then, come in, just sit in the corner and sit down in a quiet cup of coffee. Look at the book, look at the tourists, and doze off. Once I woke up and found a cat sitting across the chair with her yellow and white skin, with two ears on it, four feet on the chair, and the tail pulled down to the chair, I saw her. Sexy back! Well, it��s her back. She doesn��t give me a positive face when she is proud. She looks at the distance with her two ears, perhaps looking at the handsome guy and the beautiful woman. Even so, I did not blame her, I patiently looked at her back for an afternoon until she ran away, I guess it was because of shyness. Her endless time ended our date. I was sitting in the middle of the process, and I was very interested, and she was lazy and casual. The Xitang that I have been with is like this. Some people like Zhouzhuang's atmosphere and merchant culture. Some people like Wuzhen's art and beauty, but I like Xitang's approachable, simple, like the food that can be seen everywhere in Xitang. Music and the arrogant cat in the bookstore, I know, I will see you again in Xitang. When I see you, I will have the kindness and embarrassing surprise of going home.
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