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Hey, hahaso, what is it? Tell you, this is also a hot pepper, spicy-----sweet mouth. The world loves spicy as much as Ai Mudan, and even more foodies. I have had a focus on the peppers, huh, huh, during the teens, the food is also spicy. No matter whether it is fried or not, the soup is like a wind and a cloud. Once in the sister's house, it coincided with the green pepper at the table, seeing the tender and tender fried pepper mixed with the fragrant Tujia bacon, full of a large plate Cigarettes For Sale, I have no elegant and polite, a moment of work was wiped out by me. There are few, the sister who has not eaten enough, the temperament of "��" I am simply a pepper worm, can not stop, huh, huh, at that time, there was no pepper to eat, eat glutinous food is tasteless, love spicy is so capricious. Since then For your own desire, carefully and soarly, with full farmyard manure irrigation, never use chemical fertilizer, the pepper produced is tender and brittle, there is no hard and tough skin, food is above the mouth, delicious and endless. Maybe love the house and the black, the object will be reversed, Later, I always felt gastrointestinal discomfort. Thirty years later, in the autumn of that year, a spicy revolution broke out. The child did not hurt. It was the road (Tujia language was diarrhea). At first, I didn��t pay attention to it. Later, I didn��t stop using it. One week, ten days, Twenty days-----people are thinning every day, doctors have seen several, no one can do anything, and later met a little girl who just debuted, still learning pediatrics, under her careful conditioning, severe After two months, I will settle down slowly. Come, at that time, I was skinny and weighed more than 70 kilograms----remaining, and it��s like this Marlboro Lights. I think it��s all a mouthful. Since then, I can only choose food and eat it. When you eat spicy food, you will feel hot and bloated in the abdomen, and you will not be able to withstand tea and soy milk. Since then, spicy food has become history. But I am still careful and sowing, using fertile farmyard manure. Marinated into bean paste, chili sauce, and kimchi of various flavors, the treated peppers are a little bit sour, which increases the appetite and satisfies the taste Marlboro Red. Why not do it. Now see the fried pepper in the plate. It is respectful, but it is still popular among many people. For decades, I feel that peppers are slowly withdrawing from the ranks of vegetables Cheap Cigarettes, and added to the ranks of garlic, ginger, star anise and other condiments. I have dinner with many old friends and found love before. Spicy, now also cautious, inquiring, Ի: eating more susceptible to cholecystitis Marlboro Cigarettes. At this point, the world's love for pepper, no less than Ai Mudan, I want to graze only for viewing, a feast for the eyes, The pepper is closely connected with the raw, and the three meals a day are not separated. The scenery is brilliant.

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