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I don't know when we started, we grow up in an instant, I hope that I can make a difference, and I can do something like it, if I can't do it, I will live. However, the world is too big, and there are always people who play mediocre roles. Everyone has shortcomings, but it also has advantages, just like everything has two sides. No one is a saint, learn to take the essence to go to its dregs, do the most real self, and perform the best of yourself. Le Jia, tells life with positive personal experience. "I am writing, I am talking about you, standing in front of the true color, tearing myself apart Marlboro Red, breaking myself, reinventing myself, this is my story, it is your story." This passage stirred my thoughts. I recognize that I have to go through many stages of childhood, childhood, youth, adulthood, and old age. Accompanied by these stages are family, love, self-respect, trust, dreams, reality, snobbery, and humanity. When we are buried in the sea of ??people, constantly improving and changing ourselves, can we self-analyze and do our own self, let me into contemplation. Regarding responsibility, the author wrote very well. Indeed, people should be responsible for themselves, responsible for the family, and responsible for society. Responsibility for yourself is the foundation of family responsibility and extends to social responsibility. Starting from an early age, a person is an individual. If a person can't be responsible for himself, can't do self-care, can't do the dream of chasing the heart, how can he be responsible for expanding outward. As the saying goes: "If you don't sweep a house Online Cigarettes, why sweep the world." If you want to tear yourself apart, break yourself, and reinvent yourself, the first step is to be responsible for yourself and take responsibility for the matters you are responsible for Carton Of Cigarettes. "Spider-Man" said that "the greater the power, the greater the responsibility." I think that I exist and this world has the meaning of my existence. There are many things in the world that must be done, but not necessarily what I like. This is my responsibility. As for trust, there are a few words in the book that I particularly like. "The so-called trust refers to the thing that feels all when you can't see the future. Anyone can see the future, it is not called trust." I sometimes think that trust is a very important thing. Sometimes I suddenly show you that I trust you in front of people you have not met before. I feel pressure and the road ahead is bumpy. In fact, I don't want to prove anything. Just follow my heart and do my best. I am a little surprised by what I like, feel it? Will it be accurate? If you don��t see the future, you will be resigned. It seems that you are not right. You may have to rely on the experience accumulated by the years you have spent. What is seen in the future is not trust, so what is the relationship between people? Tired? Still passing? Or the constant confusion about the dream, the author elaborated Cigarettes For Sale, on many occasions Cheap Cigarettes, he himself: the desired one has not yet been realized, and then there are not many dreams. Like the author��s dream, who is not. However, the impression of a dream is different, and ultimately it can be achieved by taking action. I often wonder why the concept of dreams is blurred when I grow up. I was asked by countless adults when I was a child. Then I felt that it was too far away to be numb to accept this comfortable life. Han Han once said: "An adult over the age of 18 does not know what his dream is, and that is the failure of education." I asked myself, is that the failure of education? Later, I realized that there are too many dreams and I am confused. But I believe that once I put them into action and then do nothing, it is unrealistic. The book "The True Color" of Yongjia gave me a lot of revelation, and it was once again Self-reflection, self-analysis, self-responsibility, trust, and thoughtful thinking, precipitating yourself, then looking for the calmness and motivation in the heart, then facing the reality, loyal to the dream, the courage to move forward to the haze of happiness, and thus improve The land builds the future of itself.
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